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I Could Die For You chords lyrics


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     I Could Die For You ( chords )
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        Tom: A

    A (G#5) F#m
    Something inside
    the cards I know is right
    F#m A
    Don't wanna live somebody elses life
    This is what I want to be
    And this is what I give to you because I get it free
    F#m A
    She smiles while I do my time

    Chorus 1:
    C#m E B F#m(v2)
    I could die for you
    C#m E (Fill)
    Oh this life I choose


    A (G#5) F#m A
    I'm here to be you're only go between
    F#m A
    To tell you of the sights these eyes have seen
    F#m A
    What I really want to do is turn it into motion
    F#m A
    Beauty that I can't abuse you know that I use my senses too
    F#m(v3) A
    You can see that its only everywhere
    F#m(v3) A
    I take it all then I find a way to share

    Pre chorus:
    Come along and go...along with me

    Wander with me yo...its all for free

    Chorus 2 (play twice):
    C#m E B F#m(v2)
    I could die for you whatchu wanna do
    C#m E (Fill)
    Oh this life I choose

    Come again and tell me where you want to go
    What it means for me to be with you alone
    Close the door and noone has to know
    B C#m
    How we are

    + pre chorus + 4 x chorus (fade)

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